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Cristina Artola

Cristina Artola
The Good, the bad and the Ugly
drawings and a video

28.03 - 20.04.2014

Opening 28th March 2014 19:00

Drawings, video and prints by Cristina Artola

A trigger-happy portrait of the peculiar autopoiesis of cultural evolution.

Humans are creators of their own world. Constructors of rituals and technology. Is the beauty of their creations condition for an aesthetic experience in art works? Or is art just a reflection of the ugliness of the struggel for survival, which we think to overcome with technological progress?

Are we good? Are we bad? And what does it mean, when it gets ugly?

Cristina Artola was born1975 in Bilbao (Spain). She studied Fine Arts in EHU (Bask Country University) and moved to Berlin in 1999 for Postgradual Studies at Udk Berlin.

She works on drawings, video and photography, treating them as single disciplines aswell as combining them to installations. The conceptual component of here works is based on the interface between the personal experience and the given reality with the main focus on the link between Past and Present.

She has presented her works in numerous exhibitions in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Argentina and Macedonia. For further information please visit: